Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sometimes I Surprise Myself - 21 Swords & Wizardry Content Posts in 20 Days

When I stated that I was going to make a Swords & Wizardry related content post every day for the month of May, I really had no idea if I was going to be able to pull it off. Two thirds of the way through the month and still going strong, I think it may happen.

Funny thing is, content posts are not my traffic leaders. Kickstarters, news, rants, questions for my readers - they all blow away gaming related content posts as far as traffic goes.

The content posts are the most fun for me though ;)

Not every gaming content post this month was a homerun, but that's okay. Overall, I'm happy with what I've put out this month thus far. I've reassured myself that when the time comes to put out the S&W flavored fanzine I'm itching to do, I'll be able to produce the content on a fairly regular basis, as each of the posts this month were written on a daily basis.

Just think, the 31st of this month will make 4 years of active blogging for me. I'm still learning. Hopefully I'm still improving.


  1. Fantastic Erik, 4 years!

    And I'm not hear just for the pictures either, I read the articles.

  2. Keep it up, Erik! I'd love to see (and contribute!) to an S&W zine.


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