Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Haven't Run a SciFi RPG Session in Nearly 20 Years...

The last time I ran a SciFi RPG it was SpaceMaster for my group when we were down to two regulars. All I remember is lots of charts and lots of blaster fights, usually with the PCs solidly behind cover and ambushing their opponents. Probably the only way to survive a combat using the SpaceMaster rules ;)

Stars Without Number is a much lighter system than SpaceMaster by far. That all being said, running a fantasy based OSR game is something I could almost do in my sleep. Not so sure I can say the same for a scifi based OSR game. I suspect I need to change tracks in my head, as I don't want this to just be "D&D in space".

Current premise is this (subject to change with player feedback and GM musings):

(SWN for the rules / Starships & Spacemen for the flavor)

The ship is about midway through it's 12 year mission - all of the original command crew have been killed over the years and have been replaced by junior officers. First session PCs are part of the original crew and are now the command crew, but others have been added over the years from planets that have been visited. Later drop ins will be "red shirts" but if they survive the session and return for a second, they will be promoted to ensign.

As the ship is far enough from federated space that communication with the fleet takes a week for messages to travel round trip, they are effectively on their own with minimal guidance. Explore, protect, investigate and make allies - that is the mission. Survival is it's own reward...

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