Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trying to Decide on the "Summer Drop-in / Drop-Out Campaign"

I can see the signs already, and I suspect we'll have a hard time getting the full Saturday Night group together over the next few months with vacations and family visits and everything lese that the summer entails in regards to "real life".

So, i want to put together a "drop-in / drop out" styled campaign for the gaming nites that the regular group is going to be running short. It's easier to drop folks into a campaign that is designed with that in mind as opposed to say, I don't know, maybe a party 5 levels deep into Rappan Athuk ;)

I'm toying with the following ideas:

Stars Without Number - not sure what exactly I would run with it, but it's a nice system, and I never seem to run Sci-Fi these days.

Starships & Spacement 2e - players would be officers on the ship, and whoever was playing that session would be the "Away Team" - this would probably be loose plots and very sandboxie in nature. Oh, and Sci-Fi.

Razor Coast / S&W - it would be more the setting and less the underlying plots I suspect, although that would depend on the players' actions I suspect.

Any other thoughts on systems / settings to use? Any feedback on the above?

I'm not recruiting yet, but I will when this get's closer.


  1. Purely selfishly, I'd love to see you run Stars Without Number and blog about it. I've read it, but never really seen anyone talk about actually _playing_ it.

  2. Flashing Blades is great for episodic, drop in/drop out play. If you're feeling more simplified Backswords & Bucklers can get the same feel.

    If you're feeling more story-oriented (with no stats, etc.) I highly recommend Fiasco, especially after the game we had last Friday night.

  3. X-Plorers (which I see there to the right) is something I've been toying with the last few days. It's a very easy system to fall into if you know S&W or really any later d20 style game.


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