Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thinking of a "Red Shirt" Funnel for the Stars Without Numbers "Drop In / Drop Out" Campaign...

One of my regular players ( +Keith J Davies I'm looking at you) brought up the idea of using the "red shirts" as 0-level characters and treating each session as a bit of a funnel - surviving "red shirts" get to level up and actually become identifiable crew members (they reach level 1). I simply love the idea. "The Funnel" is one of the best ideas the DCC RPG has added to the OSR and I think it makes a nice fit with "red shirts".

Which means I need a simple mechanic to let players design 0-level characters in Stars Without Number.

What I am thinking is that they get their background package but don't get their training package until level 1.

1d4 HP, the class max HP when they hit level 1.

That free 14 score in their chosen class's prime req? Not until first level.

Any other ideas? I like the idea of the first mission being a "Red Shirt Massacre" ;)


  1. Obviously you need to open with "Assault on Voltarek III". Episode 81

    Guy Fleegman: We're doing episode 81?
    Tommy Webber: Whatever, the one with the hologram. The wall of fire.
    Gwen DeMarco: How the hell is Fred supposed to project a hologram?
    Guy Fleegman: We're doing episode 81, Jason?
    Jason Nesmith: It doesn't have to be a hologram, just a diversion.
    Guy Fleegman: Jason, are we doing episode 81 or not?
    Jason Nesmith: It's a rough plan, Guy, what does it matter if we're doing episode 81 or not?
    Guy Fleegman: BECAUSE I DIED... IN EPISODE 81!

  2. @SAROE: By Grabthar's Hammer! Now I need to go home and watch a bad Sigouney Weaver censor redub!

    @Tenkar: For something roughly compatible with SWN (and directly with X-Plorers, as it happens), you may want to check out Hulks & Horrors. Primary reason I bring it up: the optional Red Shirt class, used when the stats you roll don't qualify you for one of the main classes. Spend time as a Red Shirt, building your stats until they're high enough for you to move into one of the full fledged classes.



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