Monday, May 20, 2013

Cadaver Hound - (Swords & Wizardry Monster)

Art by Matt Bulahao

Cadaver Hound

Hit Dice: 2 (10 HP)
Armor Class: 4 [15]
Attacks: 1 Bite (2d4)
Saving Throw: 16
Special: For every Cadaver Hound beyond 1 attacking it's target, all hounds get +1 to hit (pack animals)
Move: 15
Alignment: Chaotic
Number Encountered: 3-12
Challenge Level/XP: 3 / 60

Cadaver Hounds are undead pack animals. When attacking as a pack, they attempt to surround their prey. By doing so, they increase their chances to hit. For each Cadaver Hound attacking a target beyond the first, give a + 1 bonus to each hound as far as it's to hit roll.

For example:

Tenkar the Drunken Dwarf Fighter suddenly finds himself surroundeds by 5 Cadaver Hounds, nipping and biting at him. Each of the 5 hounds gets a + 4 bonus to hit this round. Next round there are only 4 Cadaver Dogs attacking Tenkar, as he downed one the previous round. For the 2nd round, they are only + 3 to hit the poor drunk bastard.


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