Saturday, May 25, 2013

Looks Like Stars Without Number with Starships & Spacemen as a Sourcebook Will Be the Summer Episodic Campaign

So, after discussing the idea with my Saturday Night group, the majority is leaning towards Stars Without Number. There was also interest in Razor Coast, but that would be a trick and a half to make it low level and episodic. I could do it I'm sure if I avoided the major plots, but then that avoids most of what makes the Razor Coast what it is.

I figure we'll run SWN, which is a great choice as it's a strong rules system and is free in PDF, which allows us to expand the field for the "drop ins" part of this campaign.

I'll be throwing Starships & Spacemen in behind the scenes, as seems to be made for episodic play (it's inspiration is the original Star Trek series). I expect the players will be on a smaller, Federation type starship, answering distress calls, wandering into trouble and occasionally going on missions where "No man has gone before!" Que the music...

Away teams without "red shirts". Or is that too dangerous? ;)


  1. That sounds awesome! Maybe your drop-ins could serve as redshirts? I myself am curious about the drop-in thing -- will you be posting open calls for redshirts to join you at the table on the occasional Saturday night?

    1. there will be some open calls for players, probably about 48 hrs before the game session.

      possibly some invites too ;)

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  3. If you haven't seen these yet, I recommend mining "Where No Man Has Gone Before" for ideas too. I did a Trek game mostly based on Basic Role Playing, but found ideas in here to be very helpful.


    If you expect a lot of drop-ins and drop-outs, this probably won't work for you, but I put all the department head positions and the captain's position on cards. Then my players drew their positions and then made their characters. They had liberal use of red shirts and other crewmen under their command and actually did their best to keep them alive.


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