Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some How, Some Way, THIS Will be Making it's Way to "The Gut" in Rappan Athuk

This a a piece of art by Nicholas Cloister of the Monsters By Email website / soon to be subscription service. He was kind enough to allow me to peek at some additional pieces of his work. The stuff is amazing.

Anyhow, my party will be entering "The Gut" in our next session of the Rappan Athuk campaign I'm running, which is kind of like a huge underground "highway" between sections of the megadungeon.

I don't know what this guy will be doing there just yet, but he looks intelligent enough to have a purpose.

I guess I have a week and a half to figure out what that purpose is although I am open to suggestions ;)


  1. It looks like it wants the cobra to bite him. So maybe a venom injection is beneficial in some way--or induces effects, like a drug. Or maybe it's venomous to bite and the cobra will die from biting it!

  2. To me, he looks like he is in total control of the situation, almost like some sort of "Reptile Master". A wizened old caretaker of such creatures, the picture looks like he is totally empathetic, almost a father figure...pretty cool stuff!!!

  3. This is totally, exactly, the kind of thing you'd run into down there. Right now I'm working on the Underdark connections that ferret around Rappan Athuk, and my head is into the weird. I love this thing.

    1. it does look like it fits there very well. I'll be dropping some things from the Teretic Tome there as well ;)


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