Friday, February 1, 2013

Lessons Learned From Moderating the Dwimmermount Update On Air Session

Talk about being unprepared. I wound up moderating a Q&A that had all of two incoming questions.

Lesson #1 - Have your own set of questions ready - This is a big one. I figured if we ran out of questions, I'd be able to think of some on the spot. Ain't happening if you are trying to listen to the actual conversation.

Lesson #2 - Be prepared to fill in the silence - I need to learn the gift of gab. Well, you know, filler gab. ;)

Lesson #3 - Pacing - This goes hand in hand with the lessons #1 and 2.

Lesson #4 - Solicit questions prior to the hangout - I really should have asked for questions on the bog side and the G+ side prior to this. Live and learn.

Lesson #5 - Forget the Buttkicking Hat of Justice / Inquiry / Doffiness - My Sherlock Holmes Hat, although better with headphones than the Viking Helm Tavis had generously offered to load me, itched the living shit out of me. That and it made me hot. Screw the hat next time ;)

Lesson #6 - Drink Heavily - there was just water in my stein. Next time there will be beer ;)

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