Sunday, January 27, 2013

Playing With Pestilance (a Rappan Athuk Session Report)

For those following at home, my players were mostly running around level 3C of Rappan Athuk - The Fountain of Pestilence last night. I can actually name the level, as they found the fountain last night and almost immediately said - "Hey, this is like camping a Spawn Point in a MMO!" Which it was, until the numbers started increasing ;)

Prior to that, they had a lot of "Left Hand Teleports". Teleports are a bitch to map, even the ones that aren't traps. (We did have two that were potential traps, but the players hadn't played with enough pestilence yet to make that happen). They are able to figure it out via trial and error, which was rewarding even from my side of the table. They done did well.

There is one thing that came up that I had to remind them of, and that was an earlier clue from 2 (3?) sessions ago, but was only 2 days time in game. Which actually worked out well, because even with the clue and following it's coded instructions successfully, the impulsiveness of certain party members came close to leading to deep doo doo for the rest of the party. I love it when a plan comes together, and in the next round falls apart. Priceless ;)

As we wrapped up for the night the players came across the the Entrance to "The Gut", the main underground thoroughfare to the primary location of Rappan Athuk. I have plans for this trip, and two weeks to finalize them. I'm looking forward giving the party some nice surprises - pleasant and otherwise (mostly otherwise).

I know, my recaps are sparse, but I don't like to give too much away when talking about a commercial product in use - Rappan Athuk. I will say that we've had the most focused play as a group delving through this megadungeon, so that speaks volumes right there :)

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