Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We've Picked a Wayward Kickstarter - Doppelganger: The Universal Game Piece

Well, so far we're 0 for 1 in picking Wayward Kickstarters (Kingdom: The Space Exploration RPG did not fund).

This time around we're doing something a little different. We're backing a piece of gaming electronics - an LCD miniature, if you will.

I find Doppelgänger interesting enough to give it a shot.

Will it fund?

Dunno. If it does I get a cool toy, if it doesn't, the money gets recycled into yet another Wayward Kickstarter ;)

From the Kickstarter site:

The Tabletop Doppelganger is a customizable playing piece that can replace any role playing game or board playing game piece.  This piece has a 1” by 1” square base and an LCD screen on the front and back, and allows you to upload photos to the piece through a USB connection to your computer. You can then use the buttons on the top of the piece to select a photo loaded to the piece, and use the piece in place of any RPG, d20 game or board game playing piece.

With the capacity to hold over 30 pictures, you can carry all of your RPG characters on one piece simply by uploading photos of your favorites to the Doppelganger. You can add multiple pictures of your characters performing various actions, such as fighting, raging, singing, casting spells, or using different weapons, and change the photos on the displays as your characters perform different actions. You can even play with characters and monsters that you do not have in miniature form, since you can simply add the pictures of these characters to the piece!

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