Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Basic Fantasy Role Playing Blog Appreciation Day"

So, last week +Christopher Helton and I got around to discussing the Basic Fantasy RPG. We both remarked that for a very complete, well written and free OSR role playing game, it often got overlooked in general discussions of OSR games. I know I've been guilty of it in the past on this very blog. This is out attempt to rectify that to some extent.

My first encounter with BFRPG was memorable to me, not in the day that I found it, but in the amount of material that was available for the (at that point) unfinalized set of RPG rules. I mean, more free goodness than I had found elsewhere on the net. Quality goodness.

If I recall correctly, the first thing I downloaded was BF1 Morgansfort: The Western Lands Campaign. Yep, I downloaded the setting before I grabbed the rules. I grabbed the rules shortly thereafter, but I was still amazed that anyone could put out such a complete, enjoyable and yet free game setting. If only there had been G+ Hangouts at the time, I might be running a BFRPG game and not an AD&D 1e / OSRIC campaign.

Over the next day or so (as it is already tomorrow in some parts of the world ;) you will find a series of posts from different bloggers and posters on G+ talking about the Basic Fantasy RPG.

This is your chance to board the train in case you missed it before.

All of the downloads at the Basic Fantasy RPG site are free. The books sold on Lulu are at cost. It's a game by gamers, for gamers.

Here's a list of the current posts that have gone "live" (I'll try to update this as the day goes on).

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Here's some other Basic Fantasy RPG Downloads

Sycarion Diversions and more


  1. <--- awaiting my coil-bound BFRPG core rules book and perfect-bound Morgansfort!

  2. <--- has noticed that many of the blogs that have indicated their intention to join the "Basic Fantasy Role Playing Blog Appreciation Day" have yet to post anything about it.

  3. the 31st isnt here yet for most of us ;)

  4. Not just a great game.. a REALLY great game :)

  5. I also wanted to make sure that when you visited the downloads page to click the 'Showcase' link. This contains some supplements and adventures that haven't made the big leagues yet including a few by yours truly..

    1. I specifically mention the Showcase and a couple of items from it in my post.

    2. I specifically mention the Showcase and a couple of items from it in my post.

  6. For some reason, I thought it was supposed to be posted on the 30th (and I'm across the international date line, putting me ahead of most of the rest of you). So I posted it yesterday.


  7. Here in Italy we are almost in the middle of the 31st of January so here is my "BFRPG Appreciation Day" blog post: http://d20d12.blogspot.it/2013/01/basic-fantasy-role-playing-blog.html

    for now just the italian version (there is a google translate button anyway), I will add a translation asap.

    The post present the BFRPG and a new magic channeling item.

    Enjoy :)

  8. I posted hunter and healers over the past two days and later today A new BFRPG monster.

  9. Here my English version of my "BFRPG Appreciation Day" blog post: http://d20d12.blogspot.it/2013/01/basic-fantasy-rpg-blog-appreciation-day.html

    The post present the BFRPG and a new magic channeling item.

    Enjoy :)

  10. my post is up


  11. My post is also up:


  12. ditto: http://tabletopdiversions.blogspot.com/2013/01/basic-fantasy-appreciation-day.html

  13. Post is up!


  14. I just wanted to offer up Chris Gonnerman's BFRPG blog he just created inspired by your efforts to promote BFRPG. He isn't one to self-promote himself so I'll do it for him. Here is his blog http://basicfantasy.org/blog/

  15. Direct link to the Mad-Kyndalanth article:
    Live since this morning (over here in Germany.)

    Great line of articles!

  16. Also on my blog:

  17. Tim Brannan, nice job using this to promote your not-free witch supplement. Lol wtf!

  18. Here's what we were able to accomplish during a session of just over three hours -- kudos to all who support and play the Basic Fantasy RPG!


  19. Since I'm without a blog, I just wanted to chime in with my own appreciation for BFRPG. As has been stated, all material for this game is free in pdf. But, for the older grognards who like a physical book to use at the table, who can argue against $9.50 (at cost) for a 160 page complete old school style game? Or $7.00 for an entire campaign setting? This is really a great game to introduce new players to the hobby. It's a win-win! and represents all that is good about the OSR.

  20. I just find another blog that took part. BORDERS ON THE CHAOS OF MEMORIES http://operation88.tumblr.com/post/41960149232/eric-tenkar-of-tenkars-tavern-wants-today-to-be


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