Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Huge Thank You To All That Participated in the BFRPG Appreciation Day, and a Question

I want to thank all of the bloggers that participated in the Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game Appreciation Day. You were all awesome. We hit 24 blogs involved in the event. Amazing!

I also want to thank the readers of this blog and all of the other blogs that were visited. I want to thank everyone that took the time to go to the Basic Fantasy RPG Site and gave it an honest look. I hope you found it to be rewarding.

So yes, a huge thanks to all!

Now the question:

Should we do this again next month?

If so, who / what do we "appreciate"?

This was certainly a huge success. Can we repeat it?

Give me your thoughts if you will...


  1. What about DwD Studio's BareBonesFantasy?... or has that been done already?

    1. I think i'd want to stick to free games for now, although BBF is a damn good game.

  2. I think you should try again next month. Not sure what product to try though. Maybe LotFP? Or just go with OSRIC? Meant to get a blog post in about BFRPG, sorry man.

  3. What about Mazes & Minotaurs? They've got the original and revised rules and tons of free stuff (not as much as Basic Fantasy, but still a good amount. Never played the game but it seems very playable and lots of fun.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Great! M&M is fun and strange :)
    For free game there is the old old old Zozer game and its free games (Zenobia, Warlords of Alexander.... really great stuff)
    here you go: http://zozer.weebly.com/free-rpgs.html

  6. Stars Without Number. A simply great sci-fi/space-opera RPG, with very strong sandbox support, which a lot of people don't know too well. The core-book's PDF is free, the rest available commercially.

  7. I am up for it!

    I am quite fond of Spellcraft & Swordplay. There is a free version.

  8. Microlite20 OSS? .
    Searchers of the Unknown? It has more forks than a linux distribution.

  9. If you do an appreciation day for OSRIC, or LL, or S&W, I'll be happy to participate.

    ... and hey, I see on the Feedjit thing that someone from Leonard, MO just visited the site. Leonard is, like, kind of in my back yard, relatively speaking. So dude, if you're reading this, drop in to the forum at http://basicfantasy.org/forums and make your presence known. There are so few old-school RPG fans around here... it'd be nice to meet another.

    1. ... unless, in it's infinite stupidity, the Internet thinks I'm in Leonard. Which would suck, considering I'm not THAT close.

  10. I'd be up for anything.

    My two cents: Some love for Talislanta (it's free now and whatnot)? ZeFRS?


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