Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do You Regularly Play More Than One OSR Ruleset?

I have them all, or at least I THINK I do. I have all of the editions of D&D, from the OCE and it's Supplements, B/X, B/E/C/M/I, AD&D, AD&D 2e (and those later editions) and more clones than you can shake a stick at.

When I returned to gaming via Fantasy Grounds 2, I played Castles & Crusades. Moving to G+ Hangouts, it was D&D Next Beta which quickly became me running a game of ACKS for the group. We moved from that to playtesting some Ambition & Avarice and now I'm running a AD&D 1e / OSRIC campaign.

So, although I switch around my game systems, it's generally only one at a time (I did run some DCC RPG one shots over the summer / fall)

I guess I'm a "one system at a time type of DM / Player" for the most part.

Do you play in / run different OSR systems at the same time? Any particular reason to do so? Are you a "Serial System Changer" like me? ;)


  1. For D&D, I started back again with Labyrinth Lord but soon switched to Moldvay/Cook BX D&D when I could finally pick up the "real thing" with the knowledge that I'd actually use it.

    For The Fantasy Trip type gaming, I started with Legends of the Ancient World but switched to Heroes and Other Worlds when that particular retro clone came out. (This is what I run for my kids.)

    Other games in rotation are GURPS Prime Directive, FASA Doctor Who and (hopefully soon) Twilight 2000 first edition, Gamma World third edition, and Victory Games James Bond.

  2. My group generally switches systems when we start new campaigns. Our mainstays have been C&C and S&W, but when it comes to OSR games, we've also played AS&SH and are currently about 2 months into an ACKS game centered upon Barrowmaze.

    I definitely like to try out different systems, mostly to see if they are a better fit for us than what we've used previously.

    I'm currently thinking about running 1st edition Palladium Fantasy once we wrap things up with ACKS.

  3. Oh, it has been difficult settling on a ruleset, for the last few sessions we have been cherry picking our rules, and basically saying if a conflict occurs the "originals" supersedes.

    I have been waiting for *sigh* Swords & Wizardry to finally make it to my doorstep...one day...I really want it to be the standard for Ganth.

    It has been determined my buddy will be using Savage Worlds to run a Rifts campaign, as odd as that is, I guess, I'm pretty excited.


  4. Right now, I am going back and forth between wanting to run ACKS and wanting to run AD&D (1E, minimal UA). If I do end up doing the latter, then it will probably be like it always has been for me: the RAW as a general, loose framework in which I incorporate whatever other rules strike my fancy. I have a collection of particular issues of Dragon magazine that include various rules that seem interesting or important to me (such as the restructuring of psionics in issue 78, or the expansion of material components in issue 81), I might incorporate elements of ACKS and other D&D versions, and of course I have my own set of house rules. Heck, AD&D encourages that by including several variations within itself already, such as the alternate unarmed combat systems in UA, the alternate morale rules in Battlesystem, THAC0, and so on.

    Anyway, I am also looking to starting a Traveller game, set in my own background, when the new rules arrive (soon!), so it will likely be multiple rule sets for me.

  5. I play both C&C and OSRIC/1e. C&C was my choice when I re-entered the world of DMing a few years back, as I felt it would be a good bridge for my players, some of whom had played 3e. I still enjoy it. The second campaign is OSRIC/1e, the system that I played a ton bitd. I'm enjoying it a lot as well, and would probably switch the C&C game to 1e if it wouldn't confuse my players. So, two systems at the same time. My days of shopping for new systems is long over ... (says someone who's run 1e, Rolemaster, Gurps Tekumel, ARs Magica, etc.)

  6. OSRIC and Labyrinth Lord - they're different enough to fill different niches. I've also run and played a fair bit of Mutant Future online, but not for a few years.

  7. I started playing OSR games with Melan's system (Kard és Mágia), later switching to S&W:Core then S&W:Whitebox. Last year, I ran Barrowmaze with a Hungarian clone (Kazamaták és Kompániák), while playing in another megadungeon with the same system; currently both campaigns are on hiatus. We do play quite irregularly, though: I run a Land of NOD sandbox with Delving Deeper and play in a Dungeon World game (although it is OSR only on the surface). I have also run a couple of one-shots (Dungeon Crawl Classic and Vikings & Valkyries).


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