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Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking For Suggestions For a Wayward Kickstarter

Kingdom: The Space Exploration RPG did not fund, which puts money back in out Wayward Kickstarter fund. At the moment we have $10 in donations, $10 matching funds and about $10 from OBS sales commissions from when DnD Classics released.

So, 30 bucks to play with.

Any suggestions?


  1. If you're into Scandinavian folk music, I've backed this one that needs about $1,200 to hit goal:

    1. almost tempting - will make my wife listen to it first

  2. A Gallery of Rogues. Sure the first project was late...

  3. Help us get a classic Character Sheet back into print:
    The PDFs in this project are already free to download but it would be very cool to get printed pads of them made.

    1. those aren't the "Goldenrods" we were accustomed to here in the states.

      still, i'll check into it closer

  4. Might I suggest "Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks" ?

    From the maker of Hexographer.

    90% funded and 3 days left.


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