Friday, February 1, 2013

Sine Nomine Publishing Releases the Spears of the Dawn Art Pack to the Public Domain!

As Kevin promised during the Spears of the Dawn Kickstarter, he has now released the art from the SotD book into the "public domain". Do with it as you see fit. Holy shit but that is so awesome!

From the blurb:

Free African-inspired fantasy art for your own campaigns and projects!

Need African-styled locations, adventurers, and creatures? Thanks to the generous backers of the Spears of the Dawn RPG Kickstarter, these images and resource files are yours to do with as you please. With the consent of the artists, I've relased all these images into the public domain, and you may use them freely in your own gaming products and personal campaigns.

Included in this trove of black-and-white line art are roughly 60 images fit for fantastic adventure, plus Nicole Cardiff's color cover of Spears of the Dawn for you to remix or reuse. All are provided in their original .tiffs.

Not only that, but an InDesign CS6 file is provided, one containing a sheaf of objects, styles, and the full source file for the game's first chapter for you to use as a worked example. Go ahead and rip it to pieces, and rebuild it in a way you like better. While the actual content of the chapter is not public domain, you should feel free to reuse, recycle, and remix all the InDesign component parts in any way you like.


  1. Very cool of him (though I wish he hadn't picked RPGNow, since that means I won't be able to download it.)

  2. Just drop me a note at the contact address at sinenomine-pub.com and I ought to be able to get you a link to a shared google doc of it, Jeremy.

  3. Wow, that is very cool. Thanks you Sine Nomine, I am DLing the picture now. Very excited about this.

  4. I downloaded the file from RPGNow and about half of LuigiCastellani's and one of SaraMirabella's .tifs are unable to display. Is that the same for anyone else?

    The characters in AndrewKrahnke's pieces look very Caucasian.

  5. I think it may be local to you- the file's been downloaded 170 times so far, and this is the first I've heard of it. I just checked, and all the files open fine in Photoshop. Luigi and Sara both work in GIMP, as I understand it, so it may be some interaction there with whatever you're using to open them on your end.

    As for Andrew's piece, he was largely illustrating Meruans, who look North African, and so they tend to be rather different in appearance than West African-modeled Lokossans. Going through the stack of reference photos I gathered for the artists, it was interesting to see specifically the kind of regional differences involved.

  6. I wont be able to test until i get home tomorrow

  7. I am able to open them in Word. Well, more specifically, drag and drop into a Word document.


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