Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flailceratops For Tunnels & Trolls

Thanks to James for commissioning such awesome art!
For far too long the Flailceratops has been kept in the backwaters of the OSR. Today, he gets added to the ranks of Tunnels & Trolls!


Monster Rating: 125

Combat Dice: 13D6 + 63

Special Damage: 4/ - Breaker Breaker (one of the characters taking damage from the Flailceratops has a random piece of armor or wielded weapon broken as per the 5th level spell)

Most intelligent creatures that are lucky enough to spot a Flailceratops before it spots them do their best to avoid it. These large, lumbering creatures drop no treasure, and their "Flail Head" has been known to destroy armor and weapons of it's opponents. Even those that survive the encounter and vanquish the beast are often poorer for the experience.

(i prefer T&T 5.5 for most things, but I like Spite Damage and Special Damage for my monsters, and talents for my PCs. I guess I like a 5.5 / 7.5 hybrid sort of game ;)

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