Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wand of Wonder, Wand of... Might?

I haven't introduced a Wand of Wonder in a campaign in like - forever. I don't recall them being all that powerful, but they were fun as hell so use / watch get used.

It was rare to get a truly offensive benefit from it, but the distraction and roleplaying reactions from the players always made it a "wonderful" addition.

I remember there were alternate lists for effects other than the table included in the DMG for the wand - probably from The Dragon or the like.

That being said, what would you all think about putting together a new table(s) via the community posting comments and the like for some unique Wands of Wonder Tables?

It would work plug and play in any OSR game and is probably a prefect fit with the DCC RPG too.

(yeah, I heard them read a letter about a "Rod of Wonder" in a 4e game on the Happy Jacks Podcast as I was driving in and immediately thought "that's not the Wand of Wonder I recall")

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