Monday, December 31, 2012

First Kickstarter to Try to Rip Off The Hobbit? Halfling Wars

It's 2,000 Coppers! Quick, hide it in your ass with the rest of this turd!

You know what? There may be others trying to pull off the direct / indirect tie in to The Hobbt, but this one blatantly takes the cake. Oh, and it's the first I've found.

What am I talking about? Halfling Wars, of course. Where you can you can start a farm and raise some fighting cocks or some other such monsters for pit fights using iOS / iPhone or maybe even Android!. Yep, these are the halflings I know. Sure...

It's almost like they were building some other crap game, like perhaps some type of "Monster Wrangler" game, saw The Hobbit in the theatre and said - "Shit, we need to re-skin this to look like The Hobbi and make it into a Kickstarter! Don't forget to use the "social" term a few times in the video! We need our piece of the pie too!"

I hope this rotting pile of blatant ripoff type turd withers on the vine - and then the vine comes back from the dead and chokes the living shit out of them.

Other then that, looks like a fun game...

(No, we will not waste money from The Wayward Kickstarters Fund on this unholy hobbit aberration ;) 


  1. Reminds me of the time, way long ago, when this ass assured me his use of the word "hobbit" was okay in his re-make of Arduin because he wasn't TSR. His game never came out.

  2. Im just excited someone else is creating some cool fantasy games. Beats Kabams "Hobbit" re-skin of Kingdoms of Camelot. I seem to remember something about D&D having to change Hobbit to Halfling at one point also. Live long and prosper!


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