Monday, December 31, 2012

The Tenkar's Tavern Ongoing Fundraiser For Wayward Kickstarters (only half in jest)

+Gerardo Tasistro suggested last night that I open up a tip jar to support my "rais(ing) funds to buy into other kickstarters and chew them up."

I figured it sounded like fun, but I also figured it was said half in jest (or totally in the bag). Still, I put up a tip jar on the side of this page to support "Wayward Kickstarters" and lo and behold, I got me first $5 tip - thanks +Gerardo Tasistro  ;)

Here's how it will work - you tip, you choose. Or, at the very least, you get a weighted vote to choosing what Kickstarters The Tavern will support using this program. All blog readers get input, tip or not

When the Tip Jat hits 10 bucks, I'll put out a call for suggested Kickstarters to harass   support.

I'll match the tips dollar for dollar.

If you want something like Synnibarr supported and have my cynical wit released upon The Raven - this is the way to get it done.

Or not.

Like I said, this is a gag that has taken a life of it's own ;)

I'll still be supporting the Kickstarters I'm interested in using my own funds - this is a way for you to vote with your nickels and dimes.


  1. Ok I have to admit that this is a terrific idea. I'll have to plunk in the tip jar at some point.


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