Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time to Award the Prizes From The Santa Clause as a DCC Patron Contest

We had some amazing entries. What we lacked in numbers we certainly made up for in quality. Everyone is a winner. Really. Everyone that entered will get a prize ;)

David Fisher   - As the artist, we grant you a Tenkar's Tavern Tankard. I'll need you mailing address. If you are outside the states we'll figure it out. I'll see if I can order it a send it to you direct. Woot!

+duncan mcphedran  - For your Reindeer Antics, we grant you DCC #69: The Emerald Enchanter. This is a print copy. If you already have it, we'll work something out. Donated by Time Snider

+Dak Ultimak   - For introducing us to Santa's Naked Little Helpers, you are granted a copy of AL 3: Through the Cotillion of Hours. Again, this is a print copy. As always, if you already have it, we'll make lemonade. Donated by Purple Duck Publishing

+Doug Medesha   - We can no longer get the vision of a Bowl Full of deer Guts out of our head, we grant you Attack of the Frawgs in Print. You know the speil. Donated by Thick Skull Adventures.

Neko--Kun - As Black Peter is all the rage this year, we grant you the current issue of Crawl! Again, it's in print. Donated by Dak. Yes, that Dak.

Koewn / +Mark Bober  For your fine attempt at the project without full knowledge of the rules, we grant you a copy of The Dungeoneer Compendium of Issues 1-6 from Judges Guild. I have to mail you the f'er. Shit, I have lots of stuff to mail.

Stuart K - Anytime a bag can develop teeth, it scare me. We are granting you a copy of Knowledge Illuminates donated by Tim Shorts of the Gothridge Manor Blog, in the hopes you will take the bag away.

Joshua Ward - Damn, Santa's bag is empty. Send me an email, tell me which Toys For the Sandbox you would like and I'll hook it up.

Four 2kcp members - duncan, dak, doug and mark.  1d4


+duncan mcphedran I need the email addy you use at RPGNow - you have a $5 credit coming to you.

Thanks to all. I'll try to make the next contest just a tad easier ;)


  1. Stuart K, please email me your addy, or Tenkar, so I can send you your copy.

  2. Neko--Kun, same to you. Contact Tenkar or me.

    Erik, my return address on my zines is a valid address! And thanks!

  3. Hey guys, the prize sounds great - I'm in Australia, so if you wish to bestow this great honour on me, drop me an email at: shinobi27@yahoo.com
    Cheers, David.


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