Friday, August 24, 2012

Castles & Crusades 50% Off Sale at RPGNow

My return to active RPG Gaming was due in large part to Castles & Crusades. Heck, I played in a D&D campaign for the better part of two years via Fantasy Grounds 2. It was fun and certainly felt like D&D to me. In many ways, it was my introduction to the OSR before there even was an OSR movement.

I still buy much of the C&C stuff that is released, even if my current game of choice to run as a campaign is ACKS (and of course DCC RPG in shorter arcs). C&C Classic Monsters is the poor man's Tome of Horrors Complete if you ask me ;)

Not everything is on sale for 50% off (regretfully Classic Monsters isn't included) but the Player's Handbook is $6.99, Monsters & Treasures is $5.59 and even the Castle Keeper's Guide is marked down to $12.79. 

That being said, the true diamonds are Fields of Battle at $3.35 (though the mass combat rules can work in most OGL / OSR games), Engineering Castles at $2.10, Engineering Dungeons at $2.39, Arms and Armor at $3.00, Heart of Glass (adventure) $2.12 and the Aihrde Campaign Setting for $3.99 among others (a bunch of adventures are $2.10 each).

Not sure how long th sale is for, so strike while the iron is hot ;)

1 comment:

  1. Those are seriously good prices. I picked up most C&C digital stuff back in April or so during their massive sale. I'm now considering what print stuff to get from their store.


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