Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mini Review - Fistful of Fantasy: 01 (Generic)

Do you remember the Hook, Line and Sinker series from Knights of the Dinner Table? A Fistful of Fantasy is basically that, but with a higher standard of writing.

It's not a unique way to present plots with options - Toys for the Sandbox does something similar, but it is effective.

So, what do you get for your 69 cents? (James D, I'm going to have to summon my Research Assistant to handle your "in-joke ;)

You get 5 plot hooks or Legends, presented as a small piece of fiction that the players may overhear or have fed to them when appropriate. This is followed by The Truth behind the Legend - what actually happened. You are then presented 2 to 3 Stories. These are the seeds for the GM to work out further for the players to explore. Similar to TftSB, you don't need to waste Stories that you don't use immediately. There's enough here to use for inspiration later.

Each of these 5 plot hooks takes up a page, including a decent piece of art on each. Well, done James. I'll be looking forward to more in the series. (note, at $0.69, there is a $0.35 surcharge for orders under $0.99 - so buy this with something else on your list. It's certainly worth $1.04, but you might want to pad you order)

From the blurb:

From the author of the '100' series of Adventure Seeds books, a new, shorter form source of inspiration for Games Masters. They might be adventures, non-player-characters, monsters, places... all ready to be dropped into your fantasy campaign, regardless of system.

In this booklet:

The Dragon's Head Inn: Augury to the masses and site of the Blue Moon Festival. A wild stopover for travelling adventurers.

The Blackberry Wilder: A different kind of dryad with a thirst for blood and the thorns to get it.

The Shrieking Tomb: Not every vampire can escape its grave to bring terror, but then again, maybe it doesn't need to.

Fimble Finesmoke: Halfing tobacconist, herbalist and fan of experimenting with the inhalation of substances.

Elesha the Exotic: Immortal elven companion looking for interesting and exciting places to be to distract her from the boredom of centuries of life.

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