Friday, August 24, 2012

Woot! 250 Patrons at the Tavern!

Adam Bomb is the bomb! ;)

Adam is the 250th patron to sign up to follow the Tavern via Google Friends Connect. Thank you kind sir for joining the fun.

I remember struggling to hit 25 people following this humble blog. We've come a long way.

Sometime this weekend the next DCC RPG contest will go live. I'm not sure what the contest will be just yet, not the prizes, but it will be fun and the prizes will be cool. I'll probably add a few things into the mix like I did last month. If you ever want to know where the referrals from RPGNow go to, they go to prizes and such. Remember, I'm giving away prizes for contest ideas too. Even if I don't use your idea this month, if I use it later I'll still give you the prize.


  1. Rock on! As a matter of fact, I'm struggling to hit 25 people right now. Congrats on hitting 250!

  2. Well done, the old Tavern is getting quite busy these days!

  3. @R.J. - one day it will pick up speed on it's own ;)

    Everyone - thank you :)


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