Thursday, August 23, 2012

Appendix N Update - 8/23/12 (From Brave Halfling)

Hey folks! Here is where we stand on the Appendix N Adventures Kickstarter: 

First, the Ruins of Ramat, The Witch of Wydfield and The Vile Worm modules as well as the Dagger Kids RPG are all still on schedule to ship in late September. I will start posting pictures of the products as they are being printed and assembled. 

Second, I have been working and will have finished the private forum where those who have pledged at levels that allow it will be able to log on and help create, name and describe major and minor npcs, monsters and locations in The Old Isle setting. I will begin inviting folks to sign up for the forum in order from the highest pledges to the lowest pledges that qualify next week. 

Third, Doug Kovacs is lined up to produce the cover art for the Old Isle Campaign Setting. 

I really appreciate everyone who has or is moving who has emailed me their new address. Just as a reminder, I am setting up a file on every supporter in order to double-check each shipment when it is time to go out - both the products to be shipped and where they should be shipped. Furthermore, I will be sending out a kickstarter survey to every supporter a few weeks prior to each shipment just to be sure I have the correct address. 
(Just got this email from John "Brave Halfing" Adams. It an update on the Appendix N Kickstarter. I figured I'd pass it on for those that might not have been on the Kickstarter email list. As a side note, this isnt the first Kickstarter where I've seen a large % of the pledges failed to go through)

Things are rolling now! 

On a personal note, I used a bit (less than $500) of the Kickstarter money to purchase two printing / shipping tables. These babies have already dramatically increased the number of products BHP can print or ship each day! I will be posting pictures of the halfling family working on them. 

There is some bad news that is two-fold. It appears that nearly $1,350 in pledges never went through - and this includes some of the highest pledges. Times are tough for many people, so I am not upset about it, but it does remove a large amount of money from the total raised. Actually, that amount is about what one shipment to supporters would cost. We will just have to see if it affects the whole program or not. 

In addition, since the successful end of this Kickstarter, two of my artists and my box maker have all raised their prices. Apparently, they feel that I should be flush with money now. Or maybe it is because a number of other Kickstarters are raising tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, they can just ask and get more money? Either way, I am dealing with it. 

Just so you know, I will begin offering to the public individual Appendix N Adventure modules and an annual subscription (4 modules a year) in September. However, supporters of this Kickstarter will always receive their Appendix N Adventure modules a month before they ship to everyone else and to game stores. Supporters of this Kickstarter already have in essence what is a year’s subscription. ;) 

Lastly, I will also begin taking orders for Dagger RPG kids game in late September as well. Again, nearly every supporter of this Kickstarter will receive a copy of this game master’s shield. 

That is it for now, back to work!

-John Adams


  1. Please do not post updates that are only for supporters.

  2. @john - my apologies. i was kinda quick on the gun, but my thoughts were only to post this to address some negative rumors.

    mo harm intended

  3. I understand. What negative rumors - Where?

  4. it had been brewing on G+, stirred by others

    email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet and i'll give you the details, such as they are


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