Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking For Ideas For The August DCC RPG Contest

I'd like to get the August DCC RPG Monthly Contest up and running sometime this weekend. Although I have a few ideas of my own, nothing compares to the ideas you guys and gals come up with.
So, give me some! ;)

If I go with your idea, I'll buy you one issue of Toys for the Sandbox (your choice) AND a copy of Tangents #1 - The Barrow Mound.

See, you can win just by helping the contest :)

(and yes, I still need to cut last month's list down to 100 professions ;)


  1. Your contests are great.

    How about "best reason for X monster to be in Y location?" with the idea of working up a map (maybe a Dyson map, or a Jackson map) keyed in response to the motive?

  2. I'd love to shake Matt down for a map, but he has extremely full hands these days.

    That is an interesting idea...


  3. How about best adventure titles and scenario ideas, like "The Face in the Deep" where the players are sent to investigate a haunting that is scaring off the local fishermen. An underwater low-level adventure.

    Or "The Lost Blade and the Bonefield" where the players go in search of a prince's sword in the middle of a cursed battlefield. They are opposed by the restless dead, a foul necromancer and another band of adventurers on the same quest.

  4. Hm....something short, but DCC. How about a new corruption result? You could compile the best entries into a new corruption table.

    I tried to post this once, hope it didn't end up elsewhere.


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