Monday, August 20, 2012

New Feature - Free Game of the Week - Star Frontiers (Remastered)

After passing some emails back and forth between Larry Moore and myself, I kinda realized that my link list on the left side of this blog is lacking any kind of highlighting - it's a fine list, but lists can be boring.

So, every week I'm going to showcase "The Free Game of the Week", although sometimes it may more accurately be a game supplement or adventure (but that wouldn't all fit as a title).

This week, it's the remastered Star Frontiers, a much loved game from my teen years right through High School.

So there you go Larry, this link's for you!  :)

As for the rest of you - feel free to add suggestions for later weeks in the comments section of this post, or send me a message on G+. This should turn into a decent resource for all of us with your help.


  1. Yes, the freely available SF books is a great thing, especially given that this includes the various adventure books too.

    Not entirely sure if it quite fits the manner of game you're looking for, but Barbarian Prince is free. Here's the link (hope it works): Dwarfstar Games

  2. Yeah, no it didn't. Here:


  3. I keep forgetting to ask you to add Flying Swordsmen to your list. It's been out for about five months and already over 1000 people have downloaded it. A bit of publicity here might help it reach 2000.




  4. guts, very cool stuff - i'll highlight them in the weeks to come :)

    in the meantime, i should add them to the links on the left

  5. Thanks, Erik! And good choice picking the revamped Star Frontiers for your new feature!


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