Monday, August 20, 2012

"How Large is Your Gaming Group?" Poll is Closed - Time to Pick a Winner

I'm pretty excited by the "How Large is Your Gaming Group?" Poll. 310 blog readers casted votes! Simply amazing. I am at a loss for words, really. I would have been happy if we had topped 100.

So, we have 47 fine folk that left comments on two related blog posts for this contest. 45 on the main post and two on the follow up post. So, 1-45 on the original post, 46-47 from the follow up post - breaking out my trusty d50 (d100/2), disregarding results of 48-50.

Drum roll...


Roger from the A Life Full of Adventure blog.


Roger, I need you to email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet with the email address you use at RPGNow, and I will see that the fine folks over at RPGNow hook you up with a $10 gift certificate.

Thanks to everyone!


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