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August DCC RPG Contest - Get Some Corruption and Maybe Win a Prize!

I'm going with ScrivenerB's suggestion - new Corruption results, with the idea of getting enough entries for a few alternate tables. (ScrivenerB - email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet so I can get your gifts to you).

So, here's what you gotta do:

Post a Corruption result of your own design for the DCC RPG in the comments below. It could be Minor, Major or unlabeled if you are not sure. Use pages 116 and 118 in the DCC RPG rulebook to find other examples (the following example is from the DCC RPG Rulebook:

Ears mutate. Roll 1d5: 
(1) ears become pointed; 

(2) ears fall off (character still hears normally); 

(3) ears enlarge and look like an elephant's;

(4) ears elongate and look like a donkey’s (character also gains braying 

(5) ears shrivel and fold back.

Prizes - Dak will be sending out a copy of Crawl! #3 to the entry that I think is best.

Purple Sorcerer is donating a PDF copy of each of it's released adventures to the prize pool - Perils of the Sunken City, Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk and the soon to be released Mist Men.

Other prizes - I'm working on some PDF copies of DCC adventures from some of the 3rd party publishers. Expect this to get updated shortly. These prizes will be distributed randomly amongst the entrants.

I'll be purchasing  copies of Toys For the Sandbox for 5 entrants of my choice. They will each have their choice of an issue from 1-16 in the series.

Contest ends at midnite, August 31st, EDT. Enter as often as you like, but you can only win one prize no matter how many entries.

(by adding your comment to this thread, you agree that your entry may be compiled into a list with other entries, that it may appear in on this blog, Crawl! or the DCC Crawler's Companion. The lists compiled will be given to the DCC community to use. And corrupt...)


  1. Minor Corruption

    Character's ears constantly clog up and drip a stinking ooze of yellowish wax. Add 5 to the DC of any hearing/listening check and -1 to all concentration checks.


    As a side note, when does the contest end, who's judging it, and how many entries can we submit?

  2. Character's internal organs wander around inside his body when he sleeps. This causes his body to make strange movements and disturbing sounds. If awoken prematurely he is totally incapable of action for 1d3 rounds as his organs sort themselves back into their normal places.

  3. A small mouth covered in puss and sores with blackened lips forms on the back of the character's left hand. The mouth does not bite, smile, frown, or otherwise take any actions, except when someone is killed in the presence of the character.

    When an intelligent creature dies in the presence of someone with this Corruption trait, the lips will whisper the given name of the recently deceased (So if Bob the Fighter dies, the lips will whisper 'Bob' or 'Robert' or whatever his real name is). They cannot be silenced, and any effort to prevent them from speaking will inflict the same manner of injury (damage, spell effect, etc.) upon the PC that just killed the nearby creature.

  4. Greater Corruption: Unwelcome guest! A parasitic, otherworldly insect takes residence in the casters body. Apparently during the casting, an accidental portal was opened within the casters body permitting the creature access. The creature is tubular in shape, white in color, and propels its eel like body with thousands of hair sized tentacle legs. The critter can be seen by the caster or others as a bright, white worm under the casters skin. At anytime during the day, it can be seen moving across the casters face, belly, arms, etc. If the caster or another tries to pinch, grab, or cut it out, it darts away into the deeper recesses of the casters body. Where it lives predominately affects the caster in different ways. Roll 1d5: 1-Eyes (casters eyes begin to glow bright white): grant 10' infravision -2 to attack in bright light. 2-Brain ( a white squiggle of a worms can be seen moving across the casters face or forehead): The critter is leaching the casters personality (becomes dull and wooden) yet is granting increased intelligence. -1 personality / +1 intelligence. 3-Belly: The critters secretes a liquid that keeps the caster from wanting food, so the caster no longer eats or desires food. However, the nourishment that comes from this parasite causes the casters skin to glow white. Caster could illuminate a dark room of up to 10'. 4-Arms: The creatures other worldly energy causes the casters arms to be moving perpetually. Even when sleeping, the casters arms are drawing circles in the air, swinging, etc. To control the arms takes extra concentration from the caster to do normal tasks. Increase DC of arm/dexterity checks by 5. 5-Legs: Like the arms, the casters legs are always moving/shaking/quivering from the otherworldly energy of the creature. Movement/jumping is increased by 10' however, any precision movement like sneaking, moving quietly, etc is increased DC by 5.

  5. This is a great contest. I got the Sunken City as a prize from this blog, and I gotta say, it was good stuff!

  6. Minor Corruption

    7. Roll 1d4: (1) Chills, Character shakes constantly and cannot remain quiet due to chattering teeth. (2) Distracting Body Odor, The character stinks of decay and death, most people keep conversations short, extremely short. (3) Random Fevers, character randomly breaks into sweats. (4) Double Jointed. The character's limbs have developed minor double jointededness, his elbows and knees swings as if on hinges, which is very disconcerting to watch.

  7. Living blood: The spellcaster's blood transforms. Even at first glance it's clear there's something wrong with him, but once you cut him, it becomes obvious. Instead of blood, something weird is flowing in his veins, like (1) small mice, (2) grubs, (3) tiny fey creatures, (4) slime.

  8. Hole in the Sow's Ear.

    Your crummy spell casting has weakened the fabric of your being, and the fabric of your Pocket/Silk Purse/Pack ... the place you carry your treasure.

    The overabundance of loot has worn through the silk sow's ear. Every time you move, regardless of distance, a coin or two falls out of your stash and your treasure is reduced by the value dropped. You or another member of the party "may" stop to pick it back up as a minor action. One coin also drops each combat round.

    To see what dropped, roll 1d6. 1 = 1-gold; 2 or 3 = 1-silver; 4,5 or 6 = 1-copper. If the character has no treasure in their possession, roll and drop one coin each move/round anyway (pennies from heaven), except, when rolling for the pauper, if a 6 is rolled a gem of at least 50-gold (roll on a random gem table or 1d100+50 or other creative means) falls out and the hole in the sow's ear heals. No more coins or gems fall. Your resolve is restored.

  9. Greater Corruption:(stacks) first instance: roll 1d6 1,2 your ears; 3,4 your nose; 5,6 your fingers fall off and are instantly regenerated. Not painful, but sickening to watch. Second instance: The touch of Chaos strengthens and your limbs begin to rain from your body and regrow instantly. This process is not fatal by itself, but the pain that would be expected is real and so many end their own lives or starve to death...

  10. Character constantly drips water, as if he just emerged from a lake, causing small pools to form at his feet when standing still and sloshing sound when walking (-2 to all rolls when attempting to act quietly).

    Roll 1d4; 1) character’s lower body transforms into that of a goat—complete with hooves and tail; 2) eyes develop horizontal, slit-shaped pupils; 3) character grows a thick, coarse beard and small black horns on forehead; 4) character develops appetite for inedible substances (wood, leather, metal, etc.) and can chew and digest them as normal food.

  11. Major Corruption
    An additional set of genitals emerges somewhere around the character's lower abdominal region.

    Roll D6 and apply the results:
    1-3: Character's Gender
    4-5: Opposite Gender
    6: One of each. This can get very strange.

    The new genitals are fully functional and produce urges suitable to their gender.

  12. Major Corruption - "Music of the Gods"

    At inappropriate times, you will begin to hum strange, disturbing , and repetetive tunes. During this time, your eyes will glaze over, and you will sway rhythmically to the music. Whenever there is a silence of any lengthy duration, you will begin to hum softly, and continue to raise the volume before repeating the tune once again. Your humming can be interrupted by another person's voice, and causes you to "sanp out" of your musical interlude.

  13. Plants within 30' of the character will randomly sprout malformed human eyes, ears, and appendages. They are partly functional- eyes may weep or dart about nervously, mouths may babble or coo incomprehensible things- but they will die, rot, and melt off the plant 1d4 turns after the caster leaves the area.

  14. Fingertips Mutate. Roll 1d5:

    (1) Small filaments of flesh grow from the character’s fingertips. Sensitivity lost.

    (2) Two inch tendrils grow from the character’s fingertips, making it difficult to pick up small objects.

    (3) Six inch tendrils grow from the fingertips, repulsive looking but over which the character has complete control.

    (4) The character’s hands become a mass of fleshy tendrils several inches long. The senses of taste and smell are transferred to these writhing digits and all sustenance must be drawn through these, rather than the mouth.

    (5) The character’s hands become a mass of foot-long fleshy tendrils. While the utility of such extremities is great, the character is required to drink blood through these in place of food in order to receive sustenance.

  15. Character's digestive system is rendered useless. The character now eats through his or her skin. The skin will adhere to the food (organic material in general including other living organisms) and quickly (in a matter of hours) grow over it causing a digestive blister. Inside the blister the food is digested and flows in to the bloodstream as nutritional elements. Eventually (over the course of some hours or days depending on size) the turns dark, dries up and falls.

    The character must obviously wear gloves to prevent getting attached to stuff if it is held for too long. Natural fibers are not engulfed, but leather items would become a nice meal for the skin. Touching or grabbing the character for more than a few minutes causes the attachment to take place. The character must be careful not to lay down on tree roots or grass itself.

    The sight of the character is pretty disgusting as there are usually two or three large blisters from the latest meals. These will form on the spot the character puts the food to be consumed (arms, torso, neck, legs, wherever).

  16. Greater Corruption-Excrementals

    After being afflicted by this corruption, whenever the character does his/her “business” the result is an excremental which will immediately run off and hide unless an assistant is ready to deal with it. It has 1d2 hit points at this time. If having unfettered access to more “material” such as in a midden or outhouse, it will double in size each day. If two or more excrementals encounter one another they will merge into one larger excremental if possible.

    Pointy-stabby weapons (e.g. arrows, spears) will only do 1 point of damage.

    Slicing-hacking weapons (e.g. swords, axes) will do half damage.

    Blunt-splatty weapons (maces, shovels) do full damage.

    Many a castle has fallen (literally) after a ‘visit’ from one so afflicted. 

  17. Roll 1d6 to know which of the senses is corrupted:

    1-Sight: Your eyes double in size and the optic nerve grows like snail antennas.

    2-Smell: You grow an elephant nose but can't breathe through it.

    3-Hearing: You grow necomimi.

    4-Touch: A hand grows from each finger of your finger tips.

    5-Taste: You get Gene Simmons tongue.

    6-All of the above.


    A black and yellow ichor filled semi-transparent sack appears on the PC’s back, small at first but growing into an enormous orb in 1d3 months. Reduce movement by 5ft and agility by 1 for each month of growth. After which the following happens (d6):

    (1) The sack will burst causing 1d4 acid damage in a 30ft radius, but the PC there after immune to any acid attacks.

    (2) The sack tears open, revealing a unique demon (roll on page 404 of the DCC rulebook to determine type) causing 1d6 damage immediately to the PC and attacking anyone in the area.

    (3) The sack tears open, spilling out thousands of tiny hungry spiders with the PCs head in place of a normal spider head. Treat as an Insect Swarm (see the DCC rulebook page 418) but each attack forces a DC 8 Fort save with failure indicating a mild poison (1 hp damage plus -1 penalty to all rolls for 1 hour)

    (4) The sack solidifies and becomes like a sickly turtle shell. The character is considered permanently encumbered (slowing to half his speed) and PC receives a +5 AC to any rear/back attacks.

    (5) The sack dissolves revealing a Primeval Slime (see on pages 423-424 of the DCC rulebook to determine type).

    (6) The sack bursts causing pus to ooze out. After 1d4 days, the sack is empty and deflated. It will then start to refill again in 1d3 months. Roll again on this table to determine the result.

  19. Over the course of a month, a goiter develops on the character's neck and grows to preternatural size. Once it has ripened, the goiter bursts open to reveal a ... Roll 1d7:

    (1) Fanged maw
    (2) Insectoid mandibles
    (3) Bestial snout
    (4) Full, ruby-lipped mouth with gleaming white teeth that speaks prophecy in a forgotten tongue
    (5) A staring, blood-red eye
    (6) A watchful cat's eye
    (7) A pair of tiny, atrophied arms

  20. Desease Attraction:
    All deseases within a radius of 30ft. leave their current host and affect the character immediately. If the desease was progressed in the old host, the character is affected the same detrimental effects. The character has to suffer for 1d4 days from that desease before it leaves him and returns to the original host.

    For example: A Leper tries to beg from the character. Suddenly the Leper is completely desease free while the PC is a rotting bag of meat. The Ex-Leper dances away happily only to be re-affected by the desease in 1d4 days.

  21. Happy feet.
    You are such a lousy spell caster, you want to dance away from yourself. Roll a d10, with 0 as zero, zed, nada, nothing. For as many turns as whatever value you rolled, you dance in a random direction for the last 5' of your movement, even if you do not want to move at all. That could mean dancing into a cave wall, over the side of a chasm, into a trap, or worse. After the total number of turns, you move normally once again. Oh, and if you rolled that 0, you do one pirouette, trip over your own feet and fall down. You may stand back up as normal.

  22. Nose runs, feet smell.
    That spell stunk. You smell diner in a random direction and run 5' that way. But you step in something "offal." Roll against your Agility and come out smelling like a rose. Fail your Agility roll and do it all again.

  23. Sweat as sweet as honey.
    As you bungle that spell you suddenly feel the heat of doom and begin to sweat. But your sweat is sweet as honey. In close combat all adjacent adversaries and allies stop attacking you and each other and try to lick you, unless they beat a -2 Stamina check. If the character fails Stamina, on a successful Agility check, they succeed licking and you are repulsed 5' in any direction away from them. The licker stands their ground but can do nothing but savor your flavor for the remainder of the round.

    During exploration and movement, a cloud of flies buzzes around you, slurping up your nectar, while an army of ants nibbles you and catches flies to drag back to their nest for dinner. You spend a major action each turn swatting and brushing the bugs away. If you roll a natural 20, for any reason, in addition to the normal effects of the roll, the ants finally catch all the flies and your sweat just starts to stink now. So the ants return to the ant hill and any successful lickers spend an action spitting.

  24. Your stomach's bile is magically replaced. Roll a d5.

    1. Alchemical acid. Your insides slowly corrode. -2 CON and you can no longer eat spicy food.

    2. Maggots. They rip into your food, increasing your appetite. You must now eat twice as much to stay adequately fed.

    3. Water. Food sits in your stomach for weeks, slowly digesting but weighing you down. -2 to movement-related skill checks, but you only need to eat once per day.

    4. Blood. There is now a 2% chance of receiving a random disease at every meal.

    5. Alchemist's Fire. You may force yourself to belch, expunging a minor breath attack up to five feet away (1d8 damage, Reflex save avoids). However, doing so badly burns your mouth and innards--dealing you equal damage.

  25. Minor Corruption: You grow a non-prehensile tail, in truth, it never stops growing. Every day the tail grows between 6 inches to 2 feet.

    Four days of growth will provide excess of volume to prevent you from wearing any type of armor. Non armored characters will start to lose 1/5 their movement speed if it is allowed to grow more than six days.

    The only way to get rid of it is to tear or cut it off doing minor damage (1-3) but it bleeds exceedingly.

  26. Memories are are turned into jagged tear drops of glass. Each time the magic-user recalls a memory a painful transformation begins in his brain as the memory solidifies and eventually is passed through the tear duct. The memory is now lost to the magic-user, but stored within the glass tear. If this corruption is not corrected the magic-user will eventually become catatonic.

  27. contest is over - no more entries :)


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