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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bird(s) of a Feather Flocked Together Last Night

Got to do a little meeting and greeting at the hotel bar last night. I met +Richard LeBlanc (Mister d30 himself) and mistook him for +Zach Glazar who I was expecting to meet. Both awesome folks to finally meet in person. Thanks to Zach, I also got to shake hands with +Michael Curtis , +Jeff Dee , Mad Mike (Mister NTRPG Con) and others whose names escape me after multiple pints of Texas Red and way too much sleep.

Zach also handed me a copy of Bird of a Feather for Whisper & Venom, at it really looks awesome. It also comes with a miniature of said bird, and I still can't fathom how the mini will fit between the pages of the adventure itself for mailing. Maybe more beers are needed to figure out that equation.

I was also surprised to see it basically comes with two cardboard covers. The inner on is double sided, with local and regional maps by +Alyssa Faden . Good stuff. Blue and white maps on the inner side of the outer cover and the illustrations are by Lloyd Metcalf.

Too early to review Bird of a Feather, as I haven't done more than thumb through it, but two thumbs up for increasing the font of the text just a tad for the eyes of us older gamers ;)

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