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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Talking About Free, Stripped Down but Functional RPGs - Basic Roleplaying Quickstart

Sure, it says it's a "quickstart", but it includes rules for advancing your skill and it doesn't include an adventure, so really, it's a "basic" version of Basic Roleplaying (which is the system that CoC, RuneQuest, Legend, OpenQuest and a few other D100 systems are built from / off of / derivative of. It has it's roots in the original RQ and branched off of CoC if I recall correctly)

The price is right, so why not give the Basic Roleplaying Quickstart (Chaosium Link) Basic Roleplaying Quickstart (RPGNow link)a peek before D&D 5e Basic becomes all of the rage later on this summer ;)


  1. And then there's the Call of Cthulhu Quickstart as well.

  2. I always liked their rules, although I only played CoC regularly, and that was 15+ years ago. However, I will never figure out their SIZ stat, that thing is just all over the place...

  3. There's also lots of free supplements for Basic roleplaying on these two sites:



    And even if you don't read German (or merely fail your Read Languages roll), the German Cthulhu quickstart rules are worth a look:


  4. Basic Roleplaying is an RPG system in the way that GURPS is (though less widely aimed and physics-y).
    BRP isn't really 'based' on any Chaosium game, it's more of a compendium of Stormbringer!, Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest have in common. In the case of BRP-Lite it's a fairly boiled down set of options.

    BRP/d100 are some of my favorites.

  5. If I remember right, SIZ is based on mass. It's not "all over the place." And at least it isn't like STR in D&D somehow giving one greater accuracy when hitting.


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