Sunday, April 1, 2018

No More Critiquing, Sarcasm or Negative Posting at The Tavern

Due to the (minor) blowback from last night's Kickstarter post, we will no longer be allowing the following to appear in ANY posts here at The Tavern:

Critique - while critiquing may have beneficial results for the community as a whole, someone may get their underwear in a knot. Even worse, someone may get hurt feelings. So, no more. Everything is awesome. As an aside, the half dozen or so Kickstarter creators that reach out to me each month for critique and feedback - sorry to be a buzzkill, but I can't help anymore. That's okay though, I'm sure everything is awesome.

Sarcasm - yep, no more sarcasm. I'll just flat out tell you exactly how I feel about something unless its...

Negative - again, no more negativity. Everything is awesome. That which isn't awesome will not be shared, but since everything is awesome that won't be an issue.

As for last night's post - its a Kickstarter about Zombies, so it must be AWESOME!


  1. Will you be changing the name to Tenkar's Safe Place? Need a new banner? (Did I just break the sarcasm rule?)

  2. Was that sarcasm?
    (withering sneer) Nooooooo...
    OK, was THAT sarcasm?
    (sighs heavily) Yup.
    Errr...Was THAT sarcasm?!?
    (blows brains out)

  3. These work more effectively when they are believable Erik. ;)


  5. So Erik i cannot rely on you to give a honest critique of anything ? What is the point of the tavern if you cannot be honest ? This isn't St Mary's school for Christ's sake. Critiquing has to be or products will be released by people like CONMANKEN that will suck up dollars from good people and products.

  6. As today is the annual celebration of questioning everything I read on the internet (instead of taking it at face value like every other day) I call shenanigans!

  7. The policy has not changed.
    Happiness is mandatory, the computer is your friend.
    Anything else is treason.

  8. i give this one day 'this day' not any other 'day' before this 'day's' ultimatum changes.

  9. Please read the label for the post. It’s at the very bottom. 😊 Thank you.

  10. Bwahaha so many folks don’t look at a calendar!

  11. This is an outrage. My boycott of the Tavern begins today!

  12. Wow, just Wow!! They got to you too! 18 or older is not a kid, he needs to man up. Telling people the truth is not mean, someone has to do it and few have the stones to do it. Eric, don't give in to the cowardly, whiny, creepy, SJW morons. Keep on giving us what we have come to expect. Critiques, the negative when it is there, but most of all don't give up on the sarcasm. Where else could we go to get our fix? Don't sell out, don't cave in, don't change this to Tenkar's Safe Place? Ya gotta stand in the gap man, you're the last outpost of real news, you're our Logan Cale. Don't let is down!

    1. I need to play more poker...

    2. No, not if you thought I was serious you don't. ;)

    3. I thought you were serious until I got to "you're our Logan Cale..." :)


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