Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thoughts on Kickstarter Roundup / Freebie Friday Regular Weekly Posts

For a while, I was doing weekly postings titled "Kickstarter Roundup". They were usually midweek and had a quick blurb on a half dozen or so gaming related Kickstarters that were actively funding at the time. Some of the projects were also covered by me with individual posts but most were not. It was a good way to peek at projects I otherwise didn't have time to peek at. I'm thinking of bringing that back as a Monday Morning post each week.

I'm also thinking of starting a Freebie Fridays weekly posting, where I link to and include a blurb for each of three to four free / PWYW OSR related releases. Some releases might be old. some might be very recent - all will be free / PWYW.

Oh, and I still need to finish the OSR freebie lists. Work is progressing slowly but surely.

Any other regular weekly features we're missing at The Tavern? Leave your thoughts below. Can't say I can implement all suggestions but I'll see what can be accomplished.


  1. What about the stuff to keep pimping (advertise) your Patreon? Would love to see that hit the 125 level.


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