Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Uncle Matt's D&D Studio and Jordoba Livestream Patreons are Looking for Backers - Join the Cool Kids

+Matt Finch has two Patreons - one for Uncle Matt's D&D Studio and another for his Jordoba livestreams. If you like interviews with creatives in the Old School Gaming community and beyond in addition to game theory, Uncle Matt's D&D Studio is an easy choice to back. Interested in livestreamed RPG sessions with a unique camera perspective? You probably want to back Jordoba. I've got them both covered with a $35 monthly pledge ;)

Below is an explanation by Matt as to the current plans for both Patreons:
I'm trying to round up a few more patrons for the patreons at patreon.com/Jordoba (the games) and patreon.com/unclematt (the channel and website) because I'm going to do another patrons-only livestream on Friday. As an example of communication with the patrons, here is the most recent post made to the channel's patreon forum: 
For the first post on the Uncle Matt's D&D Studio patreon, first of all, thank you for your help in keeping the channel on the air! 
This is my to-do list for this week on the channel's behalf, and it's kind of an aspirational set of goals, but probably workable. 
Today (Wed): I am editing three of the game videos for sound quality and to remove long pauses from the livestream versions. Then uploading them, which is a long process. One of the things all of you have helped to fund is a faster bandwidth for the studio's modem, which is pretty important not only for uploading these videos (an hours-long process) but also for reducing sound and video glitches when recording interviews in a Google hangout. This is a monthly cost that I couldn't have incurred without your help. 
I also plan on running a Patron-only livestream on Friday for all of you to advise me and give me feedback on the channel's quality, which means that I'm going to start a bit of a drive for new patrons today so I can have as many people as possible joined up by the time of the livestream. 
Thursday: I'm recording an interview with Bill Silvey for the next Thursday conversation on Uncle Matt's D&D Neighborhood, I'm releasing the conversation with Skeeter, and I'll be organizing the publication side of the project so I can begin to put pdfs in your hands and also to start up the project's publishing page. I'll also be updating the Episode Guides on the website, which I can't finish until I've uploaded the edited videos (Wednesday's job). 
Friday: I'll run the patron-only livestream and hopefully I'll be able to post up some pdf resources if I'm caught up with Thursday's goal.
Saturday is usually terrain day, since I try to have at least one "signal" piece of terrain made for each game, whether that's a statue or a distinct wall, or a scary door. These are great because they GET Skeeter every single time, and I love the reactions.  
Sunday: Same as Saturday because usually I spend time with Ian Finch on one day or the other. 
Monday and Tuesday: final prep for the games and run the games. 
So that's the plan! In order to get as many people onto the Friday patron-only livestream, it would be great if all of you could share around your opinions about the Patreon so far. People may not realize how much I depend on patrons for advice, and how much it costs - in addition to the monthly bandwidth increase I've just bought a 3D printer to make more stable snap-together terrain for the games, I bought a piece of art to use in videos, and we've always got the cost of the server for the website.

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  1. Totally backed it! One of the best RPG channels on YouTube!


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