Friday, April 6, 2018

Kickstarter - There and Back Again: An Anthology of Travel and Gaming

You ever come across a Kickstarter and think "Wow, I never would have thought of this. It's amazing!" Yeah, There and Back Again isn't one of those for me. Instead, it's more of an "I don't know what to think of this..."

What we have here is a book aimed at gamers but not about gaming. Instead, its "An anthology of how travel impacts tabletop role-playing games, featuring stars in the RPG industry."

Now, who are those stars, exactly? Eddy Webb, Mikey Mason, Lynn Hardy, Dan Repperger, Jack Norris, John Houlihan, Linda Mercury and Jason Durall. I recognize one name off the bat, a second when you point out there is a podcast host in the mix. I wouldn't exactly call the list stars, but they are certainly involved in the hobby.

What kind of essays are included?

  • Adventures, campaign frameworks, and locations inspired by real-world sites people have visited.
  • Rules and design notions based on the realities, wonders, trials, and tribulations of travel.
  • Personal travel essays relating to gaming and gaming culture. 
  • Thoughts and experiences about gaming in different cultures.
  • A couple of wild cards that don't fit into any particular category. 

I see a very niche project here. One that probably won't fund. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. It simply is.

As an aside, offering a Facebook mention as a reward isn't much of a reward unless you have thousands of Facebook friends. Even then, not much of a reward.

The creator has five prior Kickstarters, three failed to fund. All book / fiction related. So, does that mean he's willing to take chances or that he doesn't know (or hasn't found) his audience?


  1. I have a story in one of his previous kickstarters. And an article slotted for this, that I think will really hit with GMS and players.

    Reallly, really want this to fund.

  2. I am as well in as a backer, pondering an article, and hoping that maybe a wonder happens and it will still fund :o


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