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Revisiting the Halfling Brewmaster for Swords & Wizardry Complete

About 5 1/2 years ago I wrote four halfling centric classes for Swords & Wizardry Complete. The plan was to do the same for the other core races - dwarves and elves, but the publisher at the time never went forward with the plans.

In any case, I'm looking at the classes I wrote and figure they need some updating, so update I shall.

Halfling Brewmaster

For many halflings, seeking spiritual guidance goes hand in hand with a trip to the local brewery. Beer is considered not just a drink to quench one’s thirst, but a true gift from the gods. As such, Halfling brewmaster’s aren’t just brewers of beers and ale, but men and women of a higher calling and faith. As halflings are fond of saying "if you can’t put your faith in a good beer, what can you trust?"

Brewmasters can be found serving the faithful in small villages and even halfling communities in larger cities. Non-halflings appreciate the tasty brews, often failing to note that the brewer of such beer and ale serves a higher purpose.

Always on the search for new recipes and strains of hops, young brewmasters can sometimes be found in parties of adventurers of various races, as the desire for a fresh brew while away from civilization is something they can often satiate.

Prime Attribute: Wisdom 13+ (+5% experience bonus)
Hit Dice: 1d6/level (gains 1hp/level after 9th)
Fights as a Cleric of the same level
Armor: Any, can use a shield
Weapons Permitted: Mace, Hammer, Staff, Club, Sling, and Short Bow

Level XP Required for Level Hit Dice (d6) Saving Throw
1          0 1         15
2 1750 2         14
3 3500 3         13
4 7000 4         12
5   14000 5         11
6   28000 6         10
7   56000 7           9
8 110000 8           8
9 190000 9           7
10 270000                                             9+1 hp   6
11 340000                                           +1 hp/level  5
12+ +70000 per level                                          4

Brewmaster Class Abilities:

Master Brewer - The Halfling Brewmaster is a master brewer of beers and ales.  When not adventuring he can supervise the brewing of 5 gallons of ale/beer per level per month. Such supervised ale/beer will not spoil or go sour during the brewing process.

Blessed Brew- the Halfling Brewmaster can bless one pint of brew (ale or beer) per level per day. Such Blessed Brew must be consumed within one day per level of the Brewmaster that blessed for it to be effective. Blessed Brew adds +1 to all saves for 24 hours to any that drink at least one pint of Blessed Brew. Drinking more than one pint of Blessed Brew within 24 hours does not have an additional effect.

Turn Undead - Starting at 2nd level, Halfling Brewmasters turn undead as a Cleric one level lower.

Cast Spells - Starting at 2nd level, Halfling Brewmasters cast spells as a Cleric of the same level. (use cleric number of spells table page 11 S&W Complete)

New Spells:

Homestead Blessing

Spell Level - Cleric 2 / Druid 1 / Brewmaster 1

Range - 100' radius per level of the caster

Duration - 1 Year

This spell is used to bless a home or farm. Blessed homes gain a +2 save vs fire and severe weather (winds, floods, etc). Occupants of the blessed homes receive a +1 to all saves while in the blessed home.

Lands surrounding the home and within the radius of the spell are more fertile and are able to withstand drought and pests a bit better than unblessed lands. Blessed farmland will yield 10% greater crops than unblessed farmland.

The material component is a pinch of dirt from consecrated ground, usually from a local church affiliated with the caster.

Brewer's Best

Spell Level - Cleric 2 / Druid 2 / Magic-User 2 / Brewmaster 1

Range - Touch

Duration - Immediate

This spell turns 2 pints (1 quart) of water per caster level, drinkable or not, into a decent beer or ale of the caster's choice. A pinch of hops and a pinch of yeast for a pale ale or lager type, and optional pinches for other types of brew (casters may experiment or research other types). This is an effective way to turn stale water into sanitary beer.

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