Sunday, April 1, 2018

RPG Industry News - Easter Sunday, 2018

Wow! It's a busy time here in the RPG Industry. Spring is here and oh boy, do we have news to share.

ENWorld announced its latest release in its series of W.O.I.N line of RPG releases. L.O.I.N. will be releasing just in time for Gen Con. When asked by this intrepid reporter for more information on his L.O.I.N. release, Morrus simply smirked and pointed towards his pants.

Gareth Sharka made news with the announcement of his Further West RPG via a series of Twitter postings. Further West will replace the still unreleased Far West for Kickstarter backers. It will be written via a series of 280 character tweets. As Gareth stated via Twitter: "I know I can maintain my Twittering many times a day and I think it will work well for RPG writing." Gareth will commence writing the new RPG after recovering from his latest relapse of Con Crud.

#ConManKen embraced the Easter Holiday at his Little Monsters Games & Comics Shop in Sumerset KY this weekend. Offering to teach kids how to paint Easter Eggs for the small fee of $15 for the 30-minute class (children must supply their own eggs and coloring material) and $20 for a signed photo with the Easter Bunny ($15 unsigned). Walking Dead memorabilia was on sale for 25% off this weekend. In Ken's own words: "That Christ guy, he rose from the dead. He musta walked from his tomb. So, we kinda see him as a kindred spirit to the Walking Dead."

Gail Gygax announced last week that would be a significant delay in the unveiling of the Gygax statue. Apparently, someone mistook "inches" to mean "10' squares". The unveiling of the now Giant Sized Gary Gygax statue will be moved to Arizona dependant upon the GMF getting a suitable acreage donation. Bricks will go on sale soon.

Paizo revealed last week that it felt underserved by the ENWorld Community's lackluster support of Pathfinder 2.0. As such, they've decided to go forward with their own GleeMax 2.0 community, powered by Web 2.0. A source at Paizo stated "If we can borrow from the success of D&D 5e for our Pathfinder reboot, why not snag WotC's failure of a community and see what we can make of that. Besides, we know online. Just look at Pathfinder Online and the smashing success it's been".

That's all of the news for this week folks. We'll be listening for more news to keep you "in the loop on all the poop".

Yes, it's an April Fools posting for those that didn't already guess ;)


  1. Loved the Spinal Tap-esque gag about the Gygax memorial, good work mate!

  2. Iunno man, the Gareth Sharka thing seems pretty plausible.


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