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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Last Gasp of the Palladium Robotech RPG - Once its Gone its Gone (Unless your FLGS Has it in Stock)

Well, today is either the last day or tomorrow is, depending on the sentence:

Seems like Kevin can't get his hype right.

I'm guessing The Macross Saga Sourcebook is somehow in great demand and will sell out at 20% off while the other books are 50 to 60%. Right...

Oh, and there is still a ton of Robotech Tactics Minis just waiting for a new home:

Did I mention the email doesn't link to the Palladium webstore?

It does link to DriveThruRPG though.

Not linking to either ;)


  1. I just want it to be over so I never have to look at it again. This whole experience of Backing this debacle has really soured me on Robotech in general and of course Palladium as a whole. I hope that they are never able to pull this sort of nonsense with anyone else and if I see it happening I will definitely be there to remind potential buyers of this experience and the shoddy Company that created it.

  2. I picked up what was available on DT when they announced the loss of the license. And, as far as I can tell, the discounts are the same now as then.

    Really, most of what's there is older stuff. None of the new books were ever put up.


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