Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Announcement - Goodman Games will be sponsoring the Rodneys Adventure Design Competition at GameHole 2017

Yep, neither a rumor nor some strange gaming related conspiracy, Goodman Games will be sponsoring the Rodney's Adventure Design Competition at GameHole 2017. This won't be the first time either. And yes, there will be a DCC RPG specific contest...

What exactly IS the Rodneys Adventure Design Competition? Well, take off your tinfoil hat and we'll tell you (its mostly a copy n paste from the GameHole website)
They are the name of the awards for our Gamehole Con game design contest. If you look at any of our annual logos, you will see an armored fellow squaring off against some foe. At Gamehole Con command central, we have always called that guy, Sir Rodney. So, "The Rodney" will be the name of the physical award given to the winners of our game design contest. 
There will be three separate awards handed out this year at Gamehole Con 2017. They will crown the best submission we receive is each of the three following categories - RPG Adventure (any setting), RPG Adventure (DCC Rules) and Board Game (Dungeon Crawl Simulation). The parameters for each are below. 
The Board Game design contest will be run through The Game Crafter's website.
The winner in each category will receive the following prizes: 
-$100 cash
-a hand crafted award created by Albion Swords with their names inscribed on it
-the right to display the following on their winning game product:
You can find the rules for each of the contest at the GameHole website.

Enter and enter often. Tell them "The Tavern sent me!" If a Tavern reader wins a prize I'll find something else to add to the prize pool but only if you let them know you came from here. Because, you know, secret handshakes and all that...

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