Sunday, April 30, 2017

One Month Away from The Tavern's 8th Anniversary!

Amazing how time flies. May 31st will be the 8th anniversary of The Tavern. Damn!

From literally nothing (I remember a review of Raggi's Grinding Gear had over 60 views - my God, that seemed like 6,000 views ;) to the large and vibrant community that has formed to support The Tavern and becoming one of the most read blogs in the OSR. Pretty amazing stuff.

I'm working on something for May 31st. Not sure what yet, but something special. Y'all deserve it.

Now to find a screenshot from early one using the Wayback Machine...


  1. My 8th blogaversary was April 19th. I seem to forget it every year.

  2. Looking over to the left at your Popular Posts, I wonder if now might be an interesting time to take stock of how willing we all are to read your stuff when you include a "Holy shit!" It seems that when Tenkar is blown away, we take notice!


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