Saturday, May 6, 2017

Troll Lords sends a Fishing Email - I'm Not the Only One That DIDN'T Back This Kickstarter That's Asking for a Response and Offering a Supposed Reward

This email feels really slimy. Really. Slimy.

And look, when I click the link it shows my pledge level at $0.00

Yep. Nothing waiting for me, but I can add stuff to my order. Which I never made.


Bait and switch?

Another example of a Troll Lords fuck up?

I've received numerous reports of others getting the same email.


  1. Pretty sure it's related to the survey they did earlier as part of the Rules Cyclopedia question. Probably just used the wrong platform for the survey.

    1. They ask the question about the Rules Cyclopedia as the first part of backer kit survey, then they ask you to add add-ons to your Zero Level Pledge.

      The email tells you to "get your reward". If this is meant to be a survey its an asshole way to do so.

    2. It's the same BackerKit they originally sent in May of last year. Here's the text of the original email:

      Not long ago I had the opportunity to walk up the steps of my great grandmother’s country home.

      Built in the 1890s, it still stands, though a bit run down. Walking up those steps, standing on that porch, looking down the dog trot all brought me home to a time when things were a little simpler and the air a little clearer.
      That’s what we do.

      For over a decade Troll Lord Games has produced Castles & Crusades, a rules-lite, easy-to-learn, fast-action role-playing game that harks back to the days when gaming was fast and fun and furious and all you had to do was play!

      It’s like going home again.

      Now, thanks to BackerKit all of our past backers can come home again.

      You can answer a quick single-question survey and get the opportunity to pick up the Castles & Crusades core books, supplements or just the titles that you’ve missed, including the latest Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde book. It’s all here.

      Don’t miss us, join us.

      -The Trolls

    3. I think they accidentally sent a follow-up to it.

  2. This is odd. I have backed a few Troll KS. I didn't get this. I did not back this KS. Obviously I use BackerKit a lot. So I have no idea where the list for this email came from.

    The Mystery grows.

    1. On FB we have a backer that did not get this email. Yes, stranger and stranger...

  3. I've backed nearly every TLG KS, as well as many others by other companies, did not get this e-mail. The Trolls have a phone number you may want to call.

  4. I would assume that someone got hacked before jumping to conclusions. I get phishing emails all the time from Apple, iTunes, and my bank, and it's certainly not those organizations that are attempting to scam me. A quick communication with Steve Chenault would clear up the mystery.

    1. Someone on FB reached out to Backerkit and confirmed that the email was sent from their servers. The email is legit, but the attempt to get people to open and email to claim a reward that does not exist in an apparent attempt to get them to buy products from their Backerkit account is less than legitimate.

  5. I haven't played C&C in over 4 years, and haven't bought anything from them in about the same amount of time ... and I got the email.

  6. I have supported a few Troll Lords Kickstarters so was not surprised to get this email though I thought it a bit odd. But I picked up a few of their newer adventure modules for cheaper than on their website so I can't say I was upset about it. I got an email today confirming my order so it seems legit. Yes, probably a money grab, but with pretty good deals.


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