Saturday, May 6, 2017

BRW Games (Adventures Dark & Deep / Castle of the Mad Archmage) 20% PDF Sale and Random Drawing

+Joseph Bloch 's BRW Games is running a 20% off PDF sale as well as a drawing for print prizes for those who purchase PDFs (from Joe's blog)
As we head slowly into the summer months, I thought I'd do an impromptu sale, with a contest to boot! 
From Saturday May 6, 2017 through Sunday May 14, 2017, all print-possible pdf titles will be 20% off. 
In addition, anyone purchasing a pdf version of a title (that has a print version) will be included in a special drawing. Two lucky winners will win a free upgrade to a softcover version of the title, and one lucky winner will get a free upgrade to hardcover (if available)! 
Shipping to the United States is included. Outside of the U.S. you will be asked to make up the difference in shipping costs. But the books themselves are still free! 
Purchases of titles that do not have a print version will not be included in the drawing. But if you get a print title, and want to try for a second copy, more power to you! The following titles have print options available:
A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary 
Adventures Dark and Deep Game Masters ToolkitAdventures Dark and Deep Players Manual 
Castle of the Mad Archmage Adventure Book Castle of the Mad Archmage Adventure Book (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition)Castle of the Mad Archmage Illustration Book 
Castle of the Mad Archmage Map Book Castle of the Mad Archmage Expansion - Level Three East 
The Golden Scroll of Justice
This offer does not apply to the Adventures Dark and Deep bundle, but does apply to both the Castle of the Mad Archmage bundles (OSR and Pathfinder)
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1 comment:

  1. BRW Games material is awesome and originates in the great state of New Jersey!

    As I own everything in the drawing, my prize is that I got to read about great products here on the Tavern without temptation to spend. :) Seriously though, everything from BRW is terrific.


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