Friday, May 5, 2017

How NOT to use the OneBookSelf Mail to Sell Your Goods - Columbia Games Loves to Send its Customers Spam

Columbia Games, when is enough fucking enough? Three emails for three different products in 40 minutes? Are you fucking for real?

This isn't a knock of OneBookShelf. They know how to run an online digital and print storefront with minimal hiccups. I'm just pointing out a publisher that abuses the tools given to all publishers and is potentially putting that tool at risk.

Ever hear of "less is more?" Try it sometime...

Somehow I missed April 21st - Four fucking emails!


  1. And they do this about once a week, it seems. I don't even look anymore.

  2. Whelp... I've been on there since 2002 and I don't think I've ever mailed a customer beyond "get your free update!" No wonder no one knows who I am! :D

  3. You'd think with how much Columbia Games charges that it would be satisfied with the money it already got.

  4. I send out maybe an email a month from my sales account, their level of use is border line harassment.

  5. Just go to your ACCOUNT page and set notifications to no E-mail for Columbia games. Problem solved in like 10 seconds. I personally appreciate all the sales recently, as I've filled some holes in my Barn collection.

    1. I have a high tolerance for this - I do after all, announce sales here at The Tavern without being asked. I've even done so for Columbia Games and was considering doing so again today before I saw the third email land.

      Three emails in a day, let alone 40 minutes is abusing the system. Its also a disservice to their customers who would probably prefer their sales be spread out, not stacked like cordwood.

  6. I work in marketing and I'm surprised they would abuse their email list in that fashion. I'd make damn sure I had something important to say before I'd send three emails in a month, let alone a single day. Unless they're trying to thin out their list?

  7. I wonder if they have someone new doing their emails. They've been pumping out 3-4 weekend sale emails, for about 5 weeks, now. I would be fine with a single message a week, with the sale items listed. But, yeah, it's getting a little excessive.


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