Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ConManKen - He of Multiple Facebook Accounts - Is Looking for Web Hosts - Suckers Need Apply

Marcus was kicking something similar off the other week - apply and get hired the same day to host some live sales web show. Now, as Ken has been leaching off of best friend Marcus for months, I'm assuming we are talking the same gig.

I do so like "position require relocation to Eastern Ky." I'm sure the pay doesn't hit minimum wage AND no matter what the host is getting paid, Ken is pocketing more. Oh, and Ken? Thank you for the typos. Consistently entertaining and oh so true to your inner self.

Oh, and notice that #ConManKen is using his "Ken" account and not his "Whit" account. Apparently he's trying to keep his scams separate after his history was revealed to those that hosted his last workshop. He's apparently been "disinvited" in the future.

Don West Sells MCGWIRE ROOKIE CARDS  - I can see Ken doing this ;)


  1. Why would being a web series host need relocation to anywhere, much less eastern Kentucky? It's not like there's a lack of equipment or talent elsewhere. Even were this not Ken, I'd be skeptical.

  2. I have no idea why Marcus allows a man with a long and storied history of fraud charges being leveled against him serve as the public face for stuff like this (assuming that is what's going on here). Stockholm syndrome? Ken Whitman derangement syndrome?


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