Sunday, December 4, 2016

OSR Creature Decks - 5 Decks IN PRINT - $12.95 - Inkwell Designs

If you haven't checked out +Joe Wetzel / Inkwell Designs' Creature Decks for 0e / 1e / LL/  OSR, you've been missing out. Normally 10 bucks to 12 bucks a deck, you can get all 5 decks of creatures for just $12.95 and that includes the PDF files.

What is covered by the actual decks?

This is a HUGE discount and I'm not sure how long Joe will keep the prices in effect. No coupon required.

Oh, yeah - if you play those "other" systems, those card decks are also on sale: 5e, PF, Dungeon World, Fate and even System Neutral.

I already have a complete collection of these cards for the OSR and will be using them quite liberally or else I'd be all over this.

Disclaimer - I make no monies off of any of the sales from Joe's store. I STRONGLY endorse Joe's Creature Decks. The art is awesome and the utility is great. At these prices you would be a fool to pass this up. 'Nuff said.


  1. Easy enough to figure the ascending AC on the fly (if one uses that in their game). Either that, or just keep a quick reference chart as part of your GM toolkit - takes up little space and comes in handy for when you need to scale things on the fly.

  2. If I didn't already have all five, I would be all over this like a Gray Ooze.....

  3. Thanks Eric! Disclaimer: I make no monies off of these sales either. :) I just free up some space.

  4. Holy crap, that's a deal! I have the humanoid deck (with rules-free, lined backs) and think it's pretty great.


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