Friday, December 9, 2016

New Record - Original Dungeons and Dragons Set - Woodgrain Box - First Printing - Sells for Over $22k on eBay

Let me just say this...


My understanding is the old record was at or around $10k $5,378 for an OD&D Woodgrain Box 1st Printing. (Acaeum used for pricing history) This is simply amazing.

Personally, I'd prefer to use the money for a new car, but if you have the spare cash? Good for you.

So, who wants to but my OCE for $1k? ;)


  1. I thought the old record was around $6k... which was the price this was getting close to when the geek media picked up the story. Which of course pushed a LOT of new bidders into the mix.

  2. That is disgusting. Whose entertainment budget is $22,100?

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Opulence_Sundae

      Lots of people. About one in 1,000. But this looks more like collectibles speculation (think art or Beanie Babies, depending on which way it goes).

  3. Meanwhile, at Trump Tower....

    "Ok, Pence, roll for initiative!"

  4. Still doesn't hold a candle to Action Comics #1, which fetched $3 million for a high-quality copy. It is a niche hobby with niche millionaires looking in now and then. :)

  5. You'd have thought they would have offered free shipping. Still, not a bad price for a first eBay sale :-)


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