Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tavern Transparency - November Financials Update and a Thank You

I'll be giving a full breakdown of The Tavern's income and other financials come the New Year for 2016, but I wanted to give an update on the month of November, which was really amazing.

OBS Affiliate Credit came in at $307 for the month, which was higher than any of the prior quarters for the year. I really can't thank everyone enough for using my affiliate link when making their purchases at the OBS storefronts.

Patreon came in at $82 ($118 less fees and other projects backed) for the month after backing a plethora of gaming related projects. I really do enjoy backing the work of those much more talented than I.

Adsense came in at $32. Paypal support came in at $12. Amazon affiliate credit ended the month at $6. Not even sure if Amazon is even worth keeping. It has potential, but doesn't seem to hit it.

So, the month of November came in around $440 for income raised by the Tenkar's Tavern blog, directly or indirectly.

What does that mean?

Well, as much as I'd like to see number like November continue, it's unlikely. Still, overall the numbers are trending up, and that's good. For one, it means supplemental income in my retirement (went off the active payroll on July 18th of this year and onto the pension). More importantly it means that the potential is there for my hobby to be profitable enough to maintain my hobby. What I'd really like to do is use monies from The Tavern for two main things - run contests / giveways for my readers and cover convention expenses multiple times a year to actually meet The Tavern's Community face to face. Oh, an of course, art purchases. I have need for two art purchases coming up - headers / logos for the upcoming SWL zine and the series of one-sheets.

2017 looks to be a good year for that. Frog God Games will be covering NTRPG Con for me - all but airfare. It also looks likely I'll be getting to GaryCon in 2017 with FGG covering many of the expenses. Which really means no excuse not to make GameHole Con in the fall. Maybe even squeeze a fourth one in if possible.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone, backers via Patreon and Paypal, those that have used my affiliate links and those that simply read The Tavern on a regular basis. There would be no Tavern without you.


  1. I'll be at GaryCon so we should grab a drink and meet face to face :)

  2. How is the Amazon thing supposed to work? And has anyone checked to make sure that it does work that way?

  3. I'll make sure to say hi at GaryCon

  4. To help your amazon affiliate link I think if you did a post explaining how it works and how we can bookmark your storefront you'd get more traction there

  5. As my niece makes a fort out of my bed, let me respond ;)

    Rachel - look forward to it.

    Kenny - yep, and maybe squeeze in some SWL

    Wolf - yeah, I probably should. eh, I'm extremely happy overall :)

  6. Where's my membership card? I haven't received it yet.


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