Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rach MAY be Onboard to DM some Swords & Wizardry Light at NTRPG 2017

I understand that rounding up women / ladies to run OSR games isn't easy. Maybe its the subject matter. Maybe its that the system the OSR draws upon is old and doesn't excite newer gamers. The "why" doesn't really matter. The fact is there are far fewer women running OSR games at cons than men.

So I challenged Rach earlier today. I told her 4 pages of rules and a single sheet adventure shouldn't be intimidating. I reminded her that she's played in games run by +Tim Snider , +Doug Kovacs +Zach Glazar , +Matt Finch , +James Aulds , Merle Rasmussen and others at NTRPG Con for 3 years running now. She's sat at the tables of some of the best GM's in our hobby. Its not that she doesn't know how to do it - she just needs to be confident that she knows the system and the adventure.

A total of six pages should be right in her wheelhouse.

She's agreed to give it serious thought. I've agreed to to make sure she is comfortable with the rules.

To think back in 2013 she thought she'd spend her time in Dallas shopping and swimming in the hotel pool. Damn OSR gaming bug bit her too ;)

The OSR is like the Borg - Resistance is Futile :)


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