Saturday, December 10, 2016

So, if Rach Wrote an Adventure, What Would it Be Like?

Over dinner earlier tonight, Rach and I talked about the strong possibility that she will run a session of Swords & Wizardry Light at NTRPG Con in 2017.

Rach - So, I'll need a math person at the table. Because I understand the rules well enough but I hate the math.

Tenkar - There's little math in Swords & Wizardry Light and its just 2 dice sizes. You'll be fine. Besides, we'll find you a short adventure to run.

R - Don't most people run their own adventures at NTRPG? That's the feeling I got.

T - Well, yeah, many do. If you wrote the adventure you probably have ideas of what to do if the session goes off the grid, so to speak.

R - Off the grid?

T - Off script. If the players want to do something that isn't written in the adventure.

R - So, if I do do this, should I write my own adventure? Because that's really insane.

T - If you write your own adventure, fall back on what you already know.

R - Like drug addicts and alcoholics?

T - Exactly

R - There's also sex offenders.

T - Let's forget about them for now...

R - So, like the drug addicts live in the sewers and they steal from the pharmacy... there are pharmacies, right?

T - Er. Maybe an alchemist shop.

R - Right. Alchemist shop. Which is what?

T - Potions and the like.

R - How about salves and creams? Would they make that too?

T - Probably.

R - Damn. We need that here. Okay, this could be fun. But I still have no idea how to turn it into an adventure with numbers and shit.

T - We'll get there.

Tomorrow we will sit down with +Matt Finch 's Tome of Adventure Design to give some more ideas to Rachel and help come up with a snazzy name.


  1. Sewer dwelling addicts robbing an alchemists shop - sounds good already. Maybe with a table of random potion effects ?

  2. I'm pretty sure random potion effects are in _Tome of Adventure Design_, yeah.

    Otherwise, she's on a good track. I've seen worse... published.

  3. Can't go wrong with junkies, thievery, sewers, and an apothecary. Solid basis for a grand adventure.

    Wait, stick with what you know? She had to be in law enforcement too.


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