Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The End of an Era - Mythoard is No More

I literally just got the email minutes ago. Mythoard is no more. Damn fucking shame. It was great to have something waiting in the mailbox after a long day / night at work. Or now, appearing in my mailbox, making every month a month with Christmas.

I was an addict. Heck, I inadvertently had two subscriptions running, and that was okay, as it gave me stuff to pawn off on my niece or give away at some point to the community.

+Jarrod Shaw , you gave me more joy than you will ever know. Even if the business wasn't the success you had hoped it would be, you were more successful in ways that counted than you give yourself credit for.

I thank you.

Erik Tenkar

The letter Jarrod sent is below:


  1. it's been one of those days... Pebble announced that they had to dissolve the company and FitBit picked up the company, but anything that had been paid for but not shipped was being refunded, and any merchandise in the wild no longer had a warranty. :(

  2. Just read the email. I'll miss Mythoard.

  3. this is a bummer. I came across them the spring after they started but didn't have the disposable income at the time. this last August I signed up and got my first box last month. it was well worth the wait and was super excited to get future boxes. I wish Jarrod well and hope everything else gets back on track for him.

  4. I am greatly sad. I very much enjoyed getting my mythoard box every month!

  5. I really hate to hear this. This was the one monthly subscription that I had decided to keep. I really enjoyed the content. This one I'll miss.

  6. That's too bad. Badmike's Books & Games had at least one vintage Judges Guild product in every box since Jarrod started. It was fun reading the reviews of the Mythoard Boxes online and the joy of some when they shared having a like-new issue of The Dungeoneer or Judges Guild Journal. Jarrod was a great guy to deal with and I wish him success in hus future endeavors.

    1. Mike, thanks for stuffing some cool JG materials in the Mythoard boxes. They are probably my most-enjoyed treasures from my too-short subscription.

  7. I am going to sincerely miss getting a new Mythoard every month. This was a great service run by great people.

  8. We're sad to hear this as well, Mythoard was the only RPG related sub box that my wife felt was worth the money. And the old Judges Guild stuff that were always in the box were a great window into a time before she was a gamer, and for me, into a window of "Ooh, this ad in Dragon Magazine looks interesting, now if only I had money..."

  9. It's a shame. Although I never got one because I live in Brazil, I was always envy of the stuff people got in it and the opportunity it gave to small publishers to show their work.

  10. Thanks so much for the kind words Erik. I really appreciate it, and for all your help, I'm truly grateful. Im hooked on this jazz though, so you will see me around. ;) Cheers!


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