Saturday, December 10, 2016

And Work Begins on The Ramshackle Sewers of the Moon Tribe Ratlings

So, Rach and I broke out The Tome of Adventure Design as well as the Swords & Wizardry Monster Book. Oozing of awesome between the two.

I had her give me a few random numbers between 1 and 100, and what we came up with for the adventure title was The Ramshackle Sewers of the Moon Chieftain of the Goblins. Rach didn't want to go with goblins, so we broke out the S&W Monster Book and found Ratlings. She felt chieftain made the title too awkward, so we dropped it.

Thus, The Ramshackle Sewers of the Moon Tribe Ratlings came to be.

The goblins are addicted to a strong narcotic that the town apothecary supplies. For most humans and demihumans, it is a stimulant a bit stronger than coffee. For the ratlings, it is a highly addictive stimulant with amazing highs (and + 1 to attack and damage rolls while in effect) and horrible lows (- 2 to attack rolls when in withdrawals)

Now, one of the PCs will also be an addict, with a bonus to attacks when properly buzzed and a penalty if he / she is feeling low.

Yeah, Rach is really digging this. Not 100% sure she will run it, but she is certainly going to write The Ramshackle Sewers of the Moon Tribe Ratlings.

The bonus is that I've been in a rut with the adventure I've been working on and thanks to the Tome of Adventure Design, I think I see my way forward. Woot!

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